Simon Ford

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Characterisation with Cambridge Consultants

This week we started working with Cambridge Consultants, focusing on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) performance characterisation for Blecon Hotspots and devices using our network.

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Waterproof KKM S5-BCN Temperature/Humidity/Motion Sensor Beacon

Here is a quick demo of the Blecon Enabled S5-BCN Sensor Beacon from KKM.

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InPlay IN100 NanoBeacon in action

The IN100 NanoBeacon is a new Bluetooth Low Energy chip suitable for building low-cost active RFID and wireless sensor beacon applications.

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InPlay NanoBeacon IN100 + Blecon Bluetooth Network!

The InPlay IN100 NanoBeacon is a tiny dedicated hardware Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon chip that costs under $0.50.

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Bridging Teams with Bluetooth and Blecon

More than any other communication technology used to connect hardware to the cloud, Bluetooth Low Energy lands complexity in the gap between the two....

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Bluetooth Accelerometer using Blecon to send motion events via HTTP

This is a Bluetooth Accelerometer from KKM that has been enabled for Blecon. The device is low-cost, lightweight, rechargeable and waterproof.

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Early Access program is open!

We were at Embedded World 2022 to open our Early Access program for Blecon!

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Blecon Pilot Sensor - Just In...

Just in! Pre-production samples of a Blecon Enabled Accelerometer being manufactured by KKM Smart Solutions!

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Blecon in Bavaria!

Yesterday we had a day of exploring cutting edge of sensor technology at SENSOR+TEST. Great to see the price points some things are hitting, and how...

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SaaS Hardware BLE devices enabled by Blecon

Here is a quick intro to some examples of devices Blecon will enable integrating in to your SaaS Application.

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A quick Blecon update and demo

A quick update and demo of what we're working on with Blecon. We think SaaS developers should have access to IoT devices based on Bluetooth Low...

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Hello, World!

Hello! We're Blecon, and we're enabling Bluetooth Low Energy IoT devices that integrate with your SaaS backend.

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