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Blecon - Missing Infrastructure for BLE

Data is driving products, efficiency and net-zero goals.

Bluetooth Low Energy is unlocking new channels of real-world data.
This will have a huge commercial and environmental impact.

Cloud Native Bluetooth!

Why Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is unrivalled in adoption and economies of scale.

It already powers wireless connections for billions of the world's devices and location beacons and is supported in every phone and laptop.

Yet exploiting it for bringing data directly into cloud applications and analytics stacks is currently a custom and complex engineering challenge.

We're fixing that.


Embedded Data Sources

With Blecon, hardware teams can quickly integrate secure cloud-native Bluetooth connectivity into products and sensors so they send data to web services.

The Blecon modem firmware handles all connection, communication, identity, registration, time, location and security aspects, integrated via a simple API.

The Blecon BCN2201 modem chip packages up the firmware, radio, antenna and radio approvals in a tiny package with a simple serialised UART or USB API. 

Meet the BCN2201
Hotspots move around with staff!

Flexible Hotspots

The Blecon architecture provides flexible coverage using both dedicated and mobile Hotspots without the need for pairing, configuration or user interaction.

iOS and Android smartphones can be enabled as Blecon Hotspots by installing the free Blecon App, so you can get roaming coverage instantly.

Data appears at a Webhook as JSON!

Integrated with Cloud apps

Blecon is a Bluetooth infrastructure service built for integration.

Blecon routes device data and requests to your services as JSON webhooks, so you can do what you need using the infrastructure, languages and tools you want.

Integrate real-world data directly into your SaaS Infrastructure or Data Stack.


Could Blecon help you?

Evaluation Hardware

The Blecon service is available for trial.

A BCN2201 breakout and simple OEM accelerometer+temperature+humidity sensor can be used as initial test and development hardware.

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