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BLE for IoT

Blecon enables your physical products and sensors to be identified, located and
to communicate with cloud applications using Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a wireless technology unrivalled in adoption and economies of scale. It already powers billions of the world's low-cost wireless devices and tracking beacons and is supported in every phone and laptop.

Blecon builds on this by leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy to locate and connect products and sensors to cloud applications.

  • Secure data channel to any cloud service
  • Deploy Hotspots with smartphones, laptops and gateways
  • Devices can use any Hotspot without pairing
  • Library SDK and Chip Firmware for fast integration

Blecon Network

Product identity, location and data to your server


ID, Location & Data

The Blecon Network provides secure identity and bi-directional cloud communication along with geolocation and time services.
Requests are routed to your application through any nearby Blecon Hotspot, without pairing. 

Network Integration

Blecon is designed for integration.

A device message or request triggers HTTP(S) JSON requests to your cloud endpoints.

How you respond, store and work with your data is up to you. 

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Data Channels

Blecon enables devices to operate as clients, making requests and sending messages on different channels to your backend services.

e.g. Product Analytics, Marketing Insights, Sensor Telematics or Engineering Diagnostics.

Blecon Hotspots

Deploy coverage without configuration or pairing

Mobile Apps

Mobile Hotspots

iOS and Android devices can be enabled as Blecon Hotspots by installing a free App, and will function in the background. 

Desktop Apps

Desktop Hotspots

MacOS and Windows computers can be enabled as Blecon Hotspots with a free App, and don't require any account or configuration.

Hardware Hotspots

Hardware Hotspots

Dedicated hardware enables Blecon coverage to be deployed in specific locations, optimised for low cost and high performance.

Blecon Firmware

Enable products using standard BLE chips

Blecon Chip

Blecon Chips

The Blecon firmware images enable off-the-shelf BLE chips and modules with Blecon, providing a simple UART API.

Blecon Library-2

Blecon SDK

With the Blecon SDK, any MCU using Zephyr or other embedded frameworks can have support for the Blecon Network.

OEM Devices-1

OEM Devices

Our OEM partners are enabling generic sensors with Blecon firmware, making off-the-shelf low-cost hardware readily available for many applications.


Getting Started

Sign-up to create a Blecon Network.

Connecting it to a web backend is beautifully simple. 

You can integrate Blecon support in products using the Blecon Chip firmware and SDK.

In addition, off-the-shelf Blecon-enabled
OEM sensor devices are available.

Unlock the potential of BLE 

Low-cost Data

With Blecon, BLE is unlocked for cloud connection. Requests from products and sensors are delivered transparently via nearby mobile and dedicated hotspots to your cloud service, and are encrypted and signed for authenticity.

Enable Innovation

Blecon provides the foundation for innovative cloud data solutions and is designed for integration, allowing rapid development and iteration that gets results.

Simple Production

Avoid manufacturing complexity with a security model designed for production. With Blecon, device security is solved and configuration is eliminated.

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