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Bridging Teams with Bluetooth and Blecon

More than any other communication technology used to connect hardware to the cloud, Bluetooth Low Energy lands complexity in the gap between the two.

Despite products being about the unique hardware to collect data and the unique cloud applications and AI to process and action it, most companies find themselves ending up spending the majority of their time building apps, gateways and #iotconnectivity infrastructure to manage the interface between the two.

Worse still, this complexity is the definition of the interface between the hardware and cloud teams, who will often be in different companies. Or feel like it!

Just where you'd want a nice clean interface emerges a third complex actor, orchestrating communication, coordination, power management and security. Sat in the gap between teams, outside the comfort zone of both.

The teams probably knew they would need to port the iOS app they got working well enough to Android to support customers. But variants for all the different phone manufacturers and their quirks? And keeping up with OS updates? And low-level native Bluetooth optimisations. And working in the background? This is starting to sound like a mammoth task...

The teams probably knew the security architecture would need to be addressed. The need for encryption. The reliance on trusting an App. Sharing pre-shared keys with the factory and getting them programmed. We'll hire an #iotsecurity expert soon I'm sure...

The teams probably realised a hardware gateway would be needed at some point. But hadn't realised the feature creep of the app now it was a part of the system and UI. Reproducing the functionality in a headless gateway just doesn't seem to map...

The teams probably understood pairing devices to gateways or phones wouldn't scale. For the number of devices or for the installation UX. But what other option is there...


This is not what they signed up for!


Blecon is taking a fresh look at what infrastructure for Cloud Native #bluetoothlowenergy can look like.

For the hardware developer, Blecon provides a simple UART or C API with commands to send requests of binary payloads.

For the cloud developer, Blecon delivers JSON via a webhook to their API Gateway, lambda, server etc to process using the tools and frameworks they want.

For everything in between, Blecon makes it fade into the background.

Having the technology available off-the-shelf is an obvious win, but most importantly...

Blecon is a contract between hardware and cloud teams.

Find out more about Cloud Native Bluetooth at https://blecon.net

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