Blecon provides a cloud network service that manages Hotspots and routes Device requests.

The Blecon Network is a managed cloud network service that, combined with the global standardisation of Bluetooth Low Energy, allows a product to be deployed anywhere in the world.

Network Service

The Blecon Network provides devices with secure identity and bi-directional cloud communication along with geolocation and time services, and manages the Hotspots that deliver coverage.

Device requests are routed to cloud applications through any nearby Blecon Hotspot, without pairing.

This leverages the benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy with a flexible wifi-like coverage deployment model and a cellular-like network model.


Device Mobility

As devices do not need to pair with Hotspots, they can use different Hotspots at different times. This is transparently managed by the network, enabling a diversity of scenarios with a simplicity of architecture.

A common use case this enables is for a device to be moving around geographically, logging events and measurements, and then uploading to synchronise its data when it comes in range of a Hotspot.

As Blecon devices know the global time, it is simple to timestamp events and them become eventually consistent in a database - even across devices.


Hotspot Mobility

The network architecture also enables Hotspots to move around, servicing different device requests as they come into range.

This model is powerful given the ability to enable phones, tablets and laptops as Hotspots. Not only are these mobile devices often already purchased and deployed with front-line staff so they can easily be enabled as a network, but their movement around sites enables a much greater effective coverage than with fixed hotspots.


Designed for Integration

Blecon is designed for integration.

Devices operate as clients, making requests and sending messages to your backend services.

A device request or message appears as HTTP(S) JSON requests to your cloud endpoints; how you respond, store and work with your data is up to you.

Different requests can be routed to different services to handle different functions e.g. Product Analytics, Marketing Insights, Sensor Telematics or Engineering Diagnostics.


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