Blecon is designed for integration, enabling cloud and embedded developers to efficiently build into products.

Cloud Integration

The Blecon Network is designed for integration with standard web infrastructure.

Request Handlers

Cloud applications receive device requests as HTTP(s)/JSON webhooks, enabling use of any standard web infrastructure to handle them. 

Blecon operates as an IoT Connectivity network rather than an IoT Platform, and doesn't attempt to store, analyse or display data. How you handle requests is up to you.

This gives total flexibility in implementation and allows leveraging years of existing cloud technologies and tooling.

Example Integration

Network Console

The Blecon Console provides a simple way to set up and configure a Network and its handlers.

Devices associated with a Network will have their requests routed to these handlers.

All these functions are also available through a configuration REST API.



Device Integration

The Blecon Modem enables devices with connectivity using standard Bluetooth Low Energy MCUs.

Blecon Modem

The Blecon Modem is the firmware that enables devices to communicate with cloud applications via nearby Hotspots.

A Blecon Modem provides a device with secure identity, encrypted communication, time and location functions. The modem technology runs on standard off-the-shelf Nordic BLE chips, SiPs and modules.

It is available as pre-built Modem Firmware to provide a complete modem with a simple UART API for any host microcontroller, or as a Modem Library for deeper integration.

Blecon Modem Chips, SiPs and Modules

Instant Connectivity

The Blecon Modem Firmware provides a complete image to enable a standard Nordic Bluetooth Low Energy MCU as a secure IoT Connectivity Modem:

  • Secure Identity, Communication, Location, Time
  • Simple UART API
  • Runs on any nRF52840 Chips, SiPs and Modules

This is the most common solution to implement and enables use with any host microcontroller. 

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 11.38.19

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