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Blecon Hotspots - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to your Cloud Backend

Here is a quick introduction to the different types of Blecon Hotspots that enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to communicate with a cloud-backed using HTTP and JSON.

Blecon already supports app-based Hotspots for iOS, Android & MacOS, and the newest one we are working on is support for dedicated hardware Hotspots.

As Blecon doesn't require pairing, devices can use different Hotspots at any point to communicate with the cloud, giving flexibility for how solutions are deployed with the same architecture.

The iOS and Android Hotspot apps work in the background so no user interaction is needed, and the hardware hotspots will work as soon as they are connected up without configuration.

Take a look! If you are interested in learning more, drop us a line at or you can book a meeting to discuss more.