Introducing Springboard

Springboard is a team of skilled engineers and scientists focused on solving technical challenges and developing products. They collaborate closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions, leveraging their flexible lab spaces and rapid product development capabilities. Committed to high-quality management, Springboard operates under an ISO 13485 certified quality system, ensuring top-notch engineering and client service.

Blecon & Springboard

Blecon & Springboard

Springboard and Blecon collaborate to provide efficient and cost-effective Bluetooth IoT Connectivity solutions for regulated markets.

Springboard focuses on developing devices from concept to manufacture, addressing customers' unique challenges. Partnering with Blecon allows Springboard to integrate off-the-shelf Bluetooth LE IoT connectivity, streamlining the development process.

This partnership enables Springboard customers to benefit from rapid market entry without significant investments in connectivity technology.

“Springboard specialises in efficiently developing devices for regulated markets, from concept to manufacture. We help our customers bring their devices to market quickly and cost-effectively, and have seen a growing demand for Bluetooth IoT Connectivity. Partnering with Blecon allows us to offer our customers an off-the-shelf Bluetooth LE IoT Connectivity solution, which saves them time and money so that we can focus on our customers’ unique challenges and deliver best in-class products without heavy investments in overcoming connectivity challenges."



Sam Johnstone
Principal Engineer at Springboard

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