Introducing Memfault

Memfault gives embedded engineering teams an off-the-shelf observability solution for their devices deployed in the field. Collect comprehensive crash data and detailed device health metrics from your entire fleet, automatically and remotely. Fix faults in the field in hours instead of days and get fleet-wide health and performance data to help you prioritise and make decisions with confidence. Memfault also includes a built-in solution for the management and distribution of OTA updates so your team can find faults and ship fixes all in one place.

Memfault & Blecon (6)

Blecon & Memfault

Memfault requires a communication transport to be able to deliver observability data and manage and perform OTA updates.

Blecon can easily be used to enable Memfault in devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. This use case is actively supported by Blecon. 

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Memfault Device Vitals on a Blecon-enabled OEM device

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Memfault, Blecon and others discuss enhancing IoT device quality

Beyond the Launch: Enhancing IoT Device Quality

Learn how to seamlessly transition from pre-launch to post-launch, tackle common post-deployment challenges, and utilise post-launch monitoring to enhance both your products and business. Join industry leaders from Engineering, Product, and Customer Experience to uncover strategies for long-term customer satisfaction.

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Integrating Memfault with Blecon Bluetooth Devices


"I'm Donatien, co-founder of Blecon. With a background in the IoT division at Arm and experience from my previous startup, I've encountered numerous challenges in debugging firmware issues on remote devices. These experiences have underscored the need for a robust solution for observing devices in the field..."

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