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In this interview with Nitin Dahad, our CEO Simon Ford, discusses Blecon's launch of our new IoT connectivity solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy.

A chat between Nitin Dahad and EE Times’ freelance correspondent Robert Huntley with their thoughts on this year’s Hardware Pioneers Max show in London, including reference to Blecon.

In this interview with Electromaker, our CEO Simon Ford, discusses the way in which Blecon works and how it has all the benefits of Bluetooth, with the deployment model of Wi-fi and the network model of Cellular. 

At Hardware Pioneers Max 2024, ipXchange chatted to Simon Ford to discover how Blecon is enabling new use cases for Bluetooth that seem previously reserved for cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.

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1 min read

Blecon Named a Finalist in Sensors Converge Awards 2024

Recognised as a Finalist in the Connectivity Category for enabling IoT Connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy. London,...

EETimes CEO Interview

Nitin Dahad, Editor-in-Chief of and correspondent for EETimes took time out of his busy schedule this...
4 min read

Blecon Announces IoT Connectivity for Bluetooth Low Energy

Blecon Announces IoT Connectivity for Bluetooth Low Energy Blecon leverages the inherent benefits of Bluetooth combined...

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