Turn ideas into opportunities.

Blecon offers a solid base of connectivity to allow you to quickly experiment, iterate, and get results.

Helping innovators focus on what matters.

With Blecon, you can now bypass the complexities and risks around getting Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity right, and focus on your idea.

We've designed Blecon to remove barriers to innovation while giving you a solid foundation to go to scale when you're ready, without rebuilding your solution. See how with Blecon you can test out your ideas in hours, not months.

Support real-world trials

Quickly build field trials with Blecon and obtain the data you need to iterate fast.

Minimise risk

Innovate with confidence knowing you have reliable and secure communications foundation.

Reduce capex

See results in days, not months with Blecon. Reduce upfront investment required and gain the freedom to try different approaches.

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