Bluetooth, meet the Cloud.

Blecon enables physical products to communicate with cloud applications using Bluetooth Low Energy.

All the benefits of Bluetooth,
with the deployment model of Wifi,
and the network model of Cellular.

BLE IoT Connectivity

Blecon builds on the existing benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy to deliver a low-cost, low-power IoT Connectivity solution.

Flexible Hotspots

Blecon provides both dedicated Hotspots and mobile Apps to enable anyone to deploy coverage, wherever it is needed.

No Pairing

Blecon implements a cellular-like network and roaming model to enable secure communication without pairing or configuration.


Why Bluetooth?


Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is a low-cost, low-power wireless technology that has been globally adopted and achieved unrivalled economies of scale. It already powers billions of the world's personal wireless devices and is supported in every phone and laptop.

This unrivalled technology and ecosystem can be leveraged as a pragmatic foundation for IoT Connectivity. By overcoming certain barriers and limitations, Bluetooth LE can be utilised as a low-cost, low-power way to connect physical products to cloud applications.


How it works

Blecon provides a Network service and flexible Hotspots that enable physical products to communicate with cloud applications using standard Bluetooth Low Energy chips.



Blecon Networks enable devices with secure identity, bi-directional cloud communication, geolocation, and time services.

Requests from devices are routed to their cloud applications by a Network through any nearby Blecon Hotspots, all without pairing.

The network architecture combined with the global standardisation of Bluetooth Low Energy allows a single product SKU to be deployed anywhere in the world.

This leverages the benefits of Bluetooth LE with a flexible wifi-like coverage deployment model and a cellular-like network model.




Blecon Hotspots enable nearby devices to communicate with their own Cloud services using Bluetooth Low Energy. 

Dedicated coverage can be deployed using the low-cost Blecon Hub, supporting Ethernet, Wifi or Cellular as their backhaul.

Mobile iOS & Android devices and MacOS & Windows laptops can be enabled as Hotspots by installing a free Blecon App.

This flexibility in Hotspots enables low-cost and efficient deployment of coverage where it is needed, without configuration or pairing.


Blecon is designed for integration

Learn how to build Blecon into physical products and cloud applications.
Benefits and Barriers for Bluetooth IoT Connectivity

This article digs into the different benefits Bluetooth technology can deliver for products needing low-cost, low-power IoT Connectivity, and common barriers that need to be overcome by design teams to fully leverage its potential.

Lowering costs of production, deployment and operation

Choosing Bluetooth for IoT Connectivity enables low-cost hardware. This article helps teams enumerate key considerations that have an equally significant influence on total production, deployment, operations and development costs.

Use Cases and the IoT Hierarchy of Needs

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