Fen Technology

Introducing Fen Technology

For more than 21 years, Fen Technology has been assisting clients in creating technology-enabled products. Our product development specialists manage the entire development process, from initial concept to manufacturing setup, covering industrial, mechanical, and electronic design, as well as all necessary software development.

Our clients range from well-known household names and industrial giants to emerging start-ups that you haven't heard of (yet), spanning diverse markets including consumer, agritech, and industrial sectors.

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Blecon & Fen Technology

In addition to Fen's extensive expertise in creating connected products, we have collaborated with Blecon since their inception. Becoming a part of their partner community was a natural progression, providing our clients with an easy way to integrate the Blecon solution into both new and existing products.

At Fen, we handle every aspect of electronic product development, with a strong focus on mitigating development risks. Our partnership with Blecon enables us to offer the lowest risk solution to whatever your connectivity challenge is.

We've built a development team, so you don't have to.

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