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Blecon Mobile Hotspot Demo

Here is a quick video demonstrating a Blecon Mobile Hotspot and Blecon enabled OEM device in action!

Didn't exactly go exactly how we imagined :) But really shows the untapped potential of Bluetooth Low Energy!


In the foreground, you'll see the Blecon Enabled device.

I have a mobile phone in my pocket that has been enabled with the Blecon Hotspot app.

As I get nearer the device, you'll see the device can use the Hotspot to make a request via the Blecon Network to the web endpoint (in this case simply a webhook viewer, but normally your server/lambda/api gateway).

This OEM device includes the Blecon Modem firmware, using it to report motion, orientation, temperature and humidity events from the device to the web service using a Blecon Network.

The request/response payloads with Blecon can actually be anything (each message can be up to ~4kb binary data).

The OEM Blecon enabled sensor in the video is available if you want to test our Cloud Native Bluetooth infrastructure yourself. If you are considering building your own, there is also a Modem breakout board:

Merry Xmas Bluetooth Fans!