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Blecon supports anything from one tap device registration to bespoke enrolment processes.

Rethinking the connected device

An often overlooked area of connected product design is the connection experience. Blecon is designed to make it quick and easy to build powerful device connection workflows.

We know that different product applications will have different device connection requirements. With Blecon, you now can build fully branded and customised experiences completely within your existing web applications and change them at any time, even after device deployment.


While you're developing and testing your Blecon devices, take advantage of Blecon's one-tap device registration.

Use the Blecon App to identify a device and you will be directed to the Blecon Console where you can register the device with one click.


Blecon is designed to allow you to build bespoke and branded workflows. These workflows will vary depending on your product requirements.

In production, we expect that you will integrate device connection into your own business logic, whether for in-field connection or pre-connection.

In-field connection

Unlike many connectivity solutions, Blecon supports in-field connection. This means that devices can be identically manufactured at scale and then connected at the final installation step. 

The benefits of this approach include simplification of distribution, logistics and returns.


Blecon supports traditional pre-connection for connected devices. In this model, a batch of device identities can be registered to your Blecon Network before shipment to the installation site.

Custom installation handler

If you would like to build your own installation workflow, Blecon can hand over to your own web or mobile application for a guided and branded installation process.

Typical use cases for a custom install workflow include authenticating installers, and gathering install information including photos and custom attributes.

Custom landing page

When a device ID is scanned either by Blecon App or QR code, the device handling process starts. 

After a device is installed, you can take over the handling of device scan events and direct them to your web application. Example applications include device dashboards or hooking into user experience workflows.

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