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Secure from the chip to the cloud.

Blecon adds chip to cloud security to Bluetooth Low Energy.

Ready for modern connected devices.

With Blecon, your BLE-connected device is now secure by default. Requests from devices are encrypted and signed for authenticity.

You will not need to configure certificates, keys or identities. Blecon takes care of ensuring security at every stage, from manufacturing to connection and communication. Our approach is that good security is security which is simple and effortless to employ.


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Secure by design

Blecon provides a secure channel for devices to communicate with your cloud service. 

In the Blecon model, devices can use any access point, such as our mobile app-based access point or one of our physical gateways.

The access point is zero configuration and only handles encrypted communication. 

Public/private key based security

Each Blecon device has its own unique securely generated key. 

We use the industry standard Ed25519   elliptic curve signing algorithm using EdDSA and Curve25519. 

No pairing required

For the first time, BLE devices can communicate with the cloud with zero pairing to any gateway.

This takes away the complexity and inflexibility of the pairing step.

In addition, it relieves you of the extra effort and risk associated with building a pairing mechanism and creating a mobile app to manage your devices.

Zero-trust manufacturing

Good security practice means that private keys should never be exposed. With Blecon, devices automatically generate keys at first boot on the production line.

This also simplifies the manufacturing process and eliminates the need to inject security material.

Message integrity and authenticity

Blecon requests from devices are successfully protected from attacks including tampering, counterfeiting, replay attacks, spoofing and denial of service.



Extensible to suit your needs

Blecon is communication infrastructure. You can think of the security we offer as the base layer that all connected devices require.

If you require, you can add your own additional security, further encrypting your messages to achieve privacy between the device and any endpoint you choose.