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Build modern connected devices.

Blecon is designed to help you build a new generation of IoT devices. 


Attributes of a Blecon Device

Blecon is designed around a set of architectural and security principles that we believe provide the best trade-off for implementing flexible and secure cloud communication using Bluetooth Low Energy.

These include using public-key security to avoid the need for pre-shared keys (that can be a production complexity and single point of failure), supporting internal (or external encrypted) FLASH-based program memory to avoid IP leakage/cloning or modification and to support remote firmware updates, and support for Coded PHY to achieve longer range with Bluetooth Low Energy.

BCN2201 front



The most popular chip family

Blecon is initially supported on the Nordic nRF52 series of Bluetooth microcontrollers.

This meets the technical requirements whilst being the most popular choice of the current generation of product designs and engineers.

Bluetooth 5

Our initial target xmicrocontroller series supports the latest Bluetooth 5 BLE features. 

These include a higher bit rate of 2 Mbps, Bluetooth Long Range, and improved channel selection algorithm which offers 65535 possible channels, compared to the 37 of earlier versions.

Real Time Clock

Blecon-enabled devices timestamp their messages, and can queue them for delivery when the Blecon network is available.

The Blecon protocol automatically takes care of setting the time on the device for you.


Bluetooth Long Range

With the use of Coded PHY, BLE devices now have Forward Error Correction (FEC).  This effectively increases the sensitivity of BLE devices and extends the range to a theoretical 1 kilometer in open air. Note in practice this will be less due to environmental conditions.

Hardware TRNG

Blecon devices generate security keys internally. To do this they require a secure source of entropy, which generated by a hardware True Random Number Generator.

Extensible to suit your needs

While we have taken the decision to focus on Nordic nRF52 to start, Blecon can be made available on chip families that meet our requirements.

The Blecon Modem

With the Blecon Modem, you can access all these benefits without having to touch a line of Bluetooth code.

Alternatively, you can build the Blecon Library directly in your target MCU application.

Get in touch to discuss your options.